1. Climb to the Top of the Castle for the Breathtaking Views of the City


The castle of Kavala is at the crest of the hill of the Old Town. It’s a beautiful place to visit, and it also affords some amazing views of the city. If you’re a walker,  you can reach it on foot. Alternatively, you may wish to take a taxi as close to the castle as you can get (the streets are very narrow up here).


There’s a small admission to the Castle of Kavalla, and it is well worth it. There are splendid views from the walls. But for the best views of all, you can ascend the narrow and winding stairs inside the tower itself to the viewing platform on the top for the breathtaking 360-degree vistas. 


Info: Isidorou Street 28. Open May – September, 8:00 – 21:00, October 8:00 – 18:00. November – March 8:00 – 16:00, and April 8:00 – 20:00. To confirm these hours, please call (+30) 2510 838 602


2. See the Home and the Statue of Mehmet Ali

Also high on the hill is an impressive equestrian statue of Mehmet Ali. It’s in a square next to his home, which is now a museum. Mehmet Ali later ruled Egypt, and this statue is a gift from the Greek community of Alexandria, Egypt to Mehmed Ali’s home city.



3. Head to the Old Lighthouse on the Tip of the Peninsula for Another Great View of the Bay

From the stature of Mehmed Ali, it is a very short walk to the end of the peninsula. Here, you’ll find the lighthouse and more stunning views of the city and the bay. The sea directly below is a wonderful colour, and in fine weather, you’ll see locals enjoying a swim off the rocks.



4. Wander through the Alleyways of Kavala’s Old Town – “Panagia”



Even if you took a taxi up, you will still have plenty of strolling. The tranquil alleys of the old town are full of secrets and surprises, like the Halil Bey Mosque. This 15th-century mosque is built over the ruins of an early Christian Basilica, which you can see through the glass on the floor.

As you continue to wander down the hill, you’ll pass charming houses with gardens of fruit trees and flowers in this quaint and quiet part of the city


5. Have a Tour – or a Tea – at the Imaret of Mehmed Ali



The Imaret that Mehmet Ali built has now been splendidly restored and functions as a luxury hotel. There are guided tours of the Imaret. Alternatively, you can experience the beauty of this unique hotel by coming for a drink or even an elegant full afternoon tea.


6. Visit Kavala’s Archaeological Museum


In the Archaeological Museum of Kavala, you can experience the history of the city through beautiful artefacts, beginning with finds from the Neolithic period. Here you will also see intact two impressive Ionic columns from the 5th century BC temple to the goddess Parthenos, who was the Patron Goddess of Neapolis. 

Info:  17 Erythrou Stavrou Street (near the centre). Tuesdays through Sundays, 8:00 – 15:00 (Mondays Closed). Admission €4 (€2 reduced) in April through October, and €2 (€1 reduced) November through March. (+30) 2510 222 335


7. Visit the Tobacco Museum



Tobacco was the heart of the economy of Kavala for decades, an integral part of the history and culture of the city.

At this extremely atmospheric museum – the scent of tobacco leaves greets you as you enter – you will learn about the cultivation and the processing of tobacco through exhibits of tools, machinery, tobacco bales, and commercial tobacco samples.

Photographs show the lives of the workers, while maps show the tobacco-growing regions in the area. Fans of the graphic arts will enjoy the displays of cigarette packages and matchboxes, which conjure a bygone era.

Info: 4 K. Palaiologou Street (near the centre). Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 16:00, Saturday 10:00 – 14:00 (June – September, the museum is also open on Thursdays from 17:00 – 21:00). Admission €2, €1 reduced. (+30) 2510 223 344


8. Check Out the Old Tobacco Warehouses and Belle Epoque Mansions of the Tobacco Merchants along Venizelos Street



Near the Tobacco Museum and concentrated around Venizelos Street in particular, many of the warehouses and some of the mansions of the tobacco merchants are still standing.

Particularly good examples of mansions- one restored and one in picturesque ruins, are at numbers 83 and 85 Venizelos Street. Our guide Marianna from Kavala Tours told us that in the past, the whole street was filled with the scent of tobacco leaves.  

At Tobacco Worker’s Square, you will see the early 20th-century Municipal Tobacco warehouse with its elegant facade. The building was originally built by the Ottoman tobacco merchant Kizi Mimin.


9. See the Roman Aqueduct


Roman Aqueduct Kavala


During the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, Grand Vizier Ibrahim Pasha built an aqueduct that greatly increased the city’s prosperity. The glorious aqueduct – constructed of two stories of stone arches – was built from 1520 – 1530.

At 270 meters long and 25 meters in height at its tallest, this impressive structure – still in excellent condition – is one of Kavala’s main monuments.


10. Visit the Church of St. Nicholas and the Mosaic of St. Paul


St Nicholas Church Kavala


The Church of St. Nicholas was once the Mosque of Ibrahim Pasha, built-in 1530. The mosque was modified to become a Christian church in 1926 and was officially dedicated to St Nicholas – patron Saint of sailors – in 1945. In a cafe near the church, you can still see the remains of the hammam which was used by the Ottomans to prepare for worship in the mosque.

Around the side of the church is an impressive mosaic depicting Saint Paul’s voyage by sea from Troy to set foot on European soil for the first time, which happened here in Kavala.


11. Stroll Along the Waterfront with the Locals


waterfront Kavala


Kavala’s waterfront has a delightful, old-fashioned charm. It’s lined with cafes and tavernas and has some amusements for children, including a colourful small Ferris wheel. The locals enjoy their leisurely evening promenade here, snacking on cotton candy or corn on the cob roasted over the coals from the sidewalk vendors.


12. Enjoy a Fabulous Seafood Meal in the Marina 



Kavala has excellent seafood. Enjoying a meal in the marina with a splendid view of the castle is a must during your stay. We sat right in front of the sailboats at the beautiful restaurant Psaraki, enjoying a meal of classic and modern dishes – grilled sardines that the area is famous for, fried calamari, white taramosalata, couscous with shrimp, and a Cretan salad. 


13. Try Kourambiedes


These rich and crumbling butter cookies rolled in fluffy icing sugar are a popular Christmas treat all over Greece. But in Kavala, they are a year-round specialty. You will find them at many pastry shops throughout the city and some stores that specialise only in Kourambiedes. They are a very popular souvenir from the city.


14. Have a Swim at One of the Gorgeous Local Beaches


The bay of Kavala has excellent seas and lovely beaches. In the summer, you can enjoy a swim at the public beach in town, or head to one of the popular nearby beaches like the blue flag beach Amolofi – an organized beach with sun loungers and umbrellas.

If you would like a more wild beach experience, head to the nearby Akrotiri Vrasida, located on a small bay surrounded by rich vegetation and dramatic rocks.