SEATRAC Καλαμίτσα – φωτογραφία αρχείο Δημωφέλεια




The town has:


  • Audible warning and information systems for when the green light is lit for the visually impaired, on the traffic lights at the intersection of Erythros Stavros and Dangli Streets.
  • Accessible zones (wheelchair ramps) in all public buildings, parking spaces especially for people with disabilities at central points in the town as well as open pedestrian zones for people with disabilities, users of wheelchairs and the visually impaired.
  • The pioneering SEATRAC technology with a Greek patent that offers people with disabilities the opportunity to have direct and easy access to the sea so that they can enjoy taking a swim with very little need for assistance. You can find them at Kalamitsa and Perigialiou coasts.
  • A modern park for people with disabilities in the “Alexandra Demoglou” Kalamitsa Sports Centre.